The Fleet & Experience to Get The Job Done!

Hauling materials for a contracting project can be a huge headache without the proper equipment and vehicle to transport your goods. Whether you need to move demolition rubble, asphalt, dirt and gravel, stone, or other materials, the team at Watkins Heavy Hauling offers you the affordable and professional services you’ve been searching for.




Watkins Heavy Hauling can take care of all your demolition needs. From demo to clean up, our team is ready to take on any challenge. We offer demolition and excavation services for any size commercial, private or public job.

When you need to clear away land, contact Watkins Heavy Hauling. We work with contractors across North Carolina who are planning a major construction or renovation project that require land moving services.



Fill Dirt


Fill dirt is a necessity with construction projects, and they usually require a lot of it. Watkins Heavy Hauling can pick up large volumes of fill dirt and deliver however much you need to your jobsite with ease.



Top Soil


If topsoil is what you need, Watkins can get the job done on time without breaking the bank. We haul screened topsoil is used for seeding lawns, under sod, and gardens.





Stone comes in all shapes and sizes but Watkins can handle any load.

Watkins Heavy Hauling has dump trucks for hire to haul gravel to construction sites. From pickup to delivery, our dump trucks haul bulk shipments of stone and gravel used in large or small construction jobs, such as road, bridge or site construction. We focus on efficiency when transporting stone or gravel, so your crew can keep working without downtime.






Asphalt jobs require a lot of material, or they create a lot of scraps. If you’re taking on an asphalt installation job yourself or if you’re working on a large site and need a lot of asphalt hauled, we can handle your asphalt hauling needs.